How to Podcast: A Student's Guide

FRI, NOV 2, 2018 (25:36)

Ever wanted to break into podcasting? Could your senior thesis or dissertation provide rich material for an educational podcast like Hardcore History, Ministry of Ideas, or Radiolab? Join Dudley House Literary’s Kristin Torres a presentation on how students and researchers can get started in podcasting, from finding low-cost and accessible recording and editing tools to finding ways to monetize your show. Photo: Herbert Karl Math√© [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

+ BIO: Kristin Torres

Kristin Torres is a graduate of the University of Missouri’s Bachelor’s (2012) and Master’s (2017) degree programs in Russian literature. She participated in NPR’s Next Generation Radio program in early 2017 and has written for, a primer on Russian visual art and a project of The School of Russian and Asian Studies. Kristin has held radio production internships with NPR and affiliates KQED (San Francisco/Central Valley), KBIA (Columbia, Missouri) and St. Louis Public Radio.

Harvard Divinity School
Sound Education Podcast Conference 2018
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