How to Create a Cost-Effective Website

THU, NOV 3, 2016 (25:08)

What does it take to build a website? In this workshop we will guide you through the tactical aspects of undertaking a web development project. Think you want to host your own WordPress or Squarespace site? We’ll help you assess whether this is the right choice for you or whether you should consider having someone else set up and take care of your site for you. We’ll explore the differences between the design and the technical components of the project. We’ll discuss the difference between a static or dynamic website. We explore how your needs may impact the cost of the project and outline what you need to have ready in order to start this kind of project. You will leave the workshop with a comprehensive list of aspects to consider in taking on a web development project. Presenter: David Delmar of Resilient Coders

+ BIO:

Activist, artist, designer/dev. Founder of Resilient Coders. Featured in the Boston Globe, Metro, Boston Magazine, Herald, and TEDx. A MassChallenge company, four-time winners of TUGG(.org).

Boston Public Library
SCORE for Small Business Entrepreneurs
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