How COVID-19 Changed Us: A Pandemic in Photographs

WED, MAR 10, 2021 (00:00)

One year ago the pandemic forced us apart. It drove us out of the classroom and office; it shut down theaters and bars. Streets were empty and emergency rooms were overwhelmed by people falling ill. It also revealed existing inequities. Those already struggling battled isolation, a lack of resources, profound levels of stress and deep personal loss.

As most of us had no choice but to remain at home, photojournalists were often the first and only eyes on the ground, witnessing the impact of the coronavirus on nearly every aspect of our lives.

Callie Crossley, host of Under the Radar, Basic Black and GBH News commentator, brings four members of the Boston Press Photographers Association — independent photojournalist Angela Rowlings, Reuters Senior Photographer Brian Snyder, Boston Globe Photographer Jessica Rinaldi and GBH’s Director of Photography, Meredith Nierman — to a roundtable discussion to examine the pandemic through their photos, stories and reflections.

This event is part of an entire day of reflection and storytelling conducted by GBH News. On March 10, 2021 we mark one year from the day when Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency. See the entire day of special programming and use the hashtag #AYearApart to follow our stories on social media

+ BIO: Meredith Nierman

Meredith Nierman is Director of Photography and Digital Executive Producer at GBH.

She is a photographer, photojournalist, editor and digital executive producer with over two decades of experience producing visually compelling, content driven digital initiatives. She oversees photography for GBH’s local efforts including GBH News’ Television, Radio and Online efforts. In addition, she leads digital strategy and development for GBH’s limited series and specials produced for national distribution on PBS.

+ BIO: Brian Snyder

Brian Snyder is Senior Staff Photographer with Reuters.

He is a photojournalist covering news, politics including U.S. presidential election campaigns, sports and features. He studied at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University.

+ BIO: Jessica Rinaldi

Jessica Rinaldi is a staff photographer for The Boston Globe.

She graduated from Boston University in 2001 with a B.S. in Journalism. Prior to joining the Boston Globe she spent ten years as a contract photographer for Reuters based in Boston, Dallas and New York City. Her work has been recognized locally and nationally. She was named 2014 Boston Press Photographer of the Year and in 2013 won a first place in the Pictures of the Year International competition.

+ BIO: Callie Crossley

Callie Crossley is a woman for all media including commentator, public speaker, writer, broadcast journalist, and filmmaker.

Crossley is a Boston based radio and tv host, commentator, and public speaker. Her Monday morning commentaries on GBH’s Morning Edition tackle wide-ranging subject matter—from the TSA’s Quiet Skies surveillance program, safe injection sites, Ayanna Pressley’s Congressional victory, everyday racism, the movie Crazy Rich Asians, the pre and post response to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and the lack of understanding about sexual assault.

Crossley hosts Basic Black, which focuses on current events concerning communities of color, and she is known to Bostonians for her weekly television commentary on the media criticism program, Beat the Press, an award-winning program examining local and national media coverage airing on WGBH-TV.

Prior to her current work, Ms. Crossley spent thirteen years as a network television Producer for ABC NEWS’ 20/20 reporting health medical stories such as male menopause, breast cancer and young women, and the potential link between viral infection and recycled air in airplanes. In addition, she was a producer on the critically acclaimed PBS documentary series Eyes on the Prize: Americas Civil Rights Years 1954-1965. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored her hour on the series with an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Crossley produced the documentary while working for Blackside, Inc., a Boston based independent film production company for which she most recently served as Senior Series Producer on the 2003 PBS documentary series This Far By Faith: African-American Spiritual Journeys.

Callie Crossley is a graduate of Wellesley College, and was at Harvard University as a Nieman Fellow, a year long sabbatical for professional journalists.

+ BIO: Angela Rowlings

Angela Rowlings is an Independent Writer and Photojournalist.

Previously she was a staff photographer with the Boston Herald and an active board member of the Boston Press Photographers Association since 2010. Prior to her work at the Herald, Rowlings freelanced for The Associated Press as well as various national and international publications. Fluent in Spanish, she is frequently asked to interview native-speaking subjects and to interpret for reporters. A lifelong Bostonian with an appreciation for her city’s rich history and diversity, she works to capture the humanity behind some of the city’s most critical issues. Above all, she strives to ensure all members of the community are fairly represented in her coverage. While her primary responsibility at the Herald is to document news events visually, Rowlings has also reported on breaking news and generated feature stories.

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