Hip Mama: From the Cutting Edge of Parenting

WED, MAR 16, 2005 (1:09:57)

Hip Mama was developed, and edited by Ariel Gore. As a single mother dependent on public assistance, Gore wanted to reach an audience of readers who “do not want to do the whole yuppie thing just because they have kids.” Her magazine explicitly integrates politics and parenting. Ariel Gore and regular contributors to Hip Mama, Annie Downey, Jillian Brady, and Katherine Arnoldi, read in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the legendary ‘zine, and a decade of its earthy, honest, and soulful parenting essays. The magazine includes personal narratives, book and music reviews, sex and parenting pieces, commentaries, news, and “Girl-Mom” (resources and discussion for young parents). Recent articles include “Protest Primer” and “Just Say No to Genetically Altered Foods.”

+ BIO: Ariel Gore

Consulting Editor of Hip Mama magazine, Ariel is also the author of The Hip Mama Survival Guide, The Mother Trip, Atlas of the Human Heart, and Whatever Mom.

+ BIO: China Martens

China Martens is the editor of The Future Generation, a zine for subculture parents, kids, friends and others. She has a short story published in Breeder: Real Life Stories from the New Generation of Mothers and is a columnist for Slug and LettuceI was…a student nurse

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