Hero at the Great Boston Fire of 1872

TUE, SEP 21, 2004 (1:10:42)

Bruce Twickler, writer and director of the film Damrell’s Fire, explains why Boston can credit its deliverance from Chicago’s fate to John Damrell, its courageous fire chief. A spark in the basement of a building on Boston’s Summer Street turned into a firestorm, reducing over 700 buildings to 65 acres of rubble. Tragically and miraculously, only 30 people were lost.

+ BIO: Bruce Twickler

Bruce Twickler is President of Docema, LLC, the film company that produced the ground-breaking documentary Damrell’s Fire (2006) for PBS and is currently producing Broadside, the Influence of Sea Power on History (2009). Bruce graduated from MIT with a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering; was on the technical staffs of GenRad and MITRE Corp; and, he spent a dozen years in the consumer electronics industry, the last few as VP of Marketing for Pioneer Electronics. In the early personal computer market of the 1980s, he was President/CEO of Hayden Software and later, Shiva Corporation. In the late 1990s, his Internet company, Andover.Net, with over 50% of all Linux-related internet traffic, enjoyed one of the most successful initial public offerings of that era.

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