Helen Zaltzman: The Benevolent Parasite

FRI, OCT 11, 2019 (43:19)

As a podcaster, you can worm your way into your listener’s brain, and live there. For YEARS, if you do it right. Helen Zaltzman has been residing in listeners’ brains since 2007, when she began making fact-based entertainment podcasts - feeding people trivia, doling out information, and maybe subtly rewiring their minds. And along the way, she found that she was learning more than she’d ever learned in her life.

+ BIO: Helen Zaltzman

Helen Zaltzman is the host and producer of The Allusionist, a multiple award-winning podcast about language and why we humans use it the ways we do, and the comedy show Answer Me This, one of Britain’s longest running podcasts.

Harvard Divinity School
Sound Education Podcast Conference 2019