Heidi Day: Changing Your Response to Violence

THU, NOV 18, 2010 (35:05)

Heidi Day, founder and executive director of Chayil, Inc., talks to a group of Grady High School students about a recent random act of violence–Bobby Tilman’s Murder–and how the students at a party stood idly by and didn’t stop his killing. Heidi talks about “Group Think” and how the party participants contributed to his death.

+ BIO: Heidi Day

Heidi Day is the Founder and Executive Director of Chayil Inc. Chayil Inc.,(pronounced Ky-eel) is a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims THRIVE. This program utilizes an innovative Life Coaching model, the Chayil Personal Development curriculum to bring beauty and peace from the ashes of the victims lives.