Has the Pandemic Made the World Better?

TUE, JUN 29, 2021 (55:24)

Despite the damage and carnage, the pandemic accelerated our ingenuity and innovation and good things happened. Multi-disciplinary collaborations took place across continents, Zoom partnerships developed and vaccine production took off at record speed. Peloton sales exploded, home offices and gyms sprung up in garages, people gardened and baked bread. And according to psychologists, 10% of us will undergo PTG (post traumatic growth).

What good things will you keep from 2020?

To explore this further, we brought together Sharon Peacock, founding director of COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium; Amy Canevello, UNC Professor in Health Psychology; and Douglas Alexander, Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s “Future of Diplomacy” Project to discuss.


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+ BIO: Douglas Alexander

Douglas Alexander is former UK Shadow Foreign Secretary, Chair of UNICEF (UK) and Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s “Future of Diplomacy” Project.

+ BIO: Amy Canevello

Amy Canevello is an Associate Professor in Health Psychology at UNC, Charlotte.

Canevello’s research integrates social psychology, close relationships and trauma to understand how people attain optimal functioning even under adversecircumstances

+ BIO: Sharon Peacock

Sharon Peacock is a clinician scientist who’s worked in microbiology in the UK and SE Asia for the past 25 years. She is also founding director of COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium. Peacock is busy staying on top of the latest Covid hybrids and mapping genomes, she has generated half a million to date.

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