Harnessing the Power of Nonviolent Direct Action

MON, AUG 24, 2015 (47:50)

Author and activist Rivera Sun will speak on building a culture of active nonviolence, the Movement of Movements, and how nonviolent direct action has been used around the world to make change. Ms. Sun connects the dots between the issues we face, relates stories from historic nonviolent struggles, covers groundbreaking new understandings of nonviolent struggles, and brings a pertinent and timely message to youth, elders, students, and ordinary, extraordinary people everywhere. (Photo: “Flower Power demonstrator” by DOD, National Archives and Records Administration)

+ BIO: Rivera Sun

Rivera Sun was raised on an organic farm on the northern border of Maine in a family boasting two sets of twins, of which she is one. She grew up, learned to dance, discovered California and learned numerous other skills, from storytelling to rock climbing. Now she cultivates an acre of vegetables to share with her community, writes novels and bakes bread. Sun also manages social media for activism groups, and organizes nonviolent actions for change. Follow Rivera Sun on Twitter: @RiveraSunAuthor

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