Good Seatizenship: Policies, Plastics, and Programs to Conserve the Philippine Seas

THU, MAY 9, 2019 (43:48)

The Philippines has been described as the “center of biodiversity” because it holds a majority of the Earth’s species, a high number of which are unique to the country. However, it is also at the center of adversity as a biodiversity hotspot and has lost more than 70 percent of its original habitat.

+ BIO: Anna Oposa

Anna was raised to believe that every crisis is an opportunity. In 2011, the young musical theater performer and lifestyle journalist co-founded a movement called Save Philippine Seas as a response to an illegal wildlife trade case. Since then, she has taken on the title “Chief Mermaid” and led campaigns to conserve sharks, empower Filipino seatizens, and reduce single-use plastics nationwide by writing policies, using social media, and implementing community-based programs. She will discuss how she is mobilizing businesses, government officials, youth, and marine life to protect, conserve, and restore the Philippine seas.

Image: Facebook

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