The Geometric Basis of Structure and Motion

TUE, NOV 13, 2018 (34:02)

Geometry determines the limits of structures and motion. Knowing how those constraints work is very important for modern biology, physics and chemistry, engineering and materials science. Dr. Streinu and Dr. Borcea discuss that relationship between geometry and science, and their forthcoming book on the subject. Thumbnail by Kelvinsong - Own work, CC0

+ BIO: Ileana Streinu, Ph.D.

Ileana Streinu, Ph.D. is the Charles N. Clark Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Smith College (MA) and a Frances B. Cashin Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 2018-2019.

+ BIO: Ciprian S. Borcea

Ciprian S. Borcea, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics and Applied Sciences, Rider University (New Jersey) Elizabeth S. and Richard M. Cashin Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 2018-2019

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