Gary Pomerantz: The Last Pass

MON, OCT 29, 2018 (1:14:12)

Bob “Cooz” Cousy, the Hall of Fame Boston Celtics captain who led the team to its first six championships, has a lot to be proud of. But now, at age 90, he has one last piece of unfinished business. He seeks to make amends with his great partner on the Celtics, fellow Hall of Fame member Bill Russell, now 84. Cooz tells author Gary M. Pomerantz in the new book, The Last Pass, that he should have been more publicly opposed to the prejudice Russell faced. WATCH LIVE: Join us for this important conversation about loyalty and bravery in the face of racism. Streaming here at 4 p.m. on October 29th.

+ BIO: Gary Pomerantz

Gary Pomerantz is a nonfiction author and journalist, and has served the past twelve years as a lecturer in the Graduate Program in Journalism at Stanford University. Throughout his career, Pomerantz has devoted his writing, and teaching, to American history, race relations, the media, and sports.

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