From Flint to Our Backyard: Environmental Health and Justice in New England

TUE, MAR 15, 2016 (51:10)

The lead contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan has highlighted the issue of environmental injustice and who bears the burden of toxic chemical exposures in the U.S. Childhood lead poisoning has been a problem for decades, including in Massachusetts, and occurs more frequently in low income communities and communities of color. Other areas in New England, such as New Bedford and Pittsfield, MA are also the locations of contaminated industrial waste dumping that has put them on the Federal Superfund list. Dr. Richard Clapp discusses local issues of environmental justice and answer audience questions. (Photo: By The Iowa State Department of Agronomy, CC)

+ BIO: Richard Clapp

Richard Clapp is a Professor Emeritus of Environmental Health at Boston University School of Public Health. He was formerly the Director of the Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and the Massachusetts Cancer Registry in the Department of Public Health. He has taught public health and given numerous community presentations over the past four decades.

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