BostonTalks: Fitness 2.0

THU, FEB 19, 2015 (47:23)

The inaugural event for WGBH’s new series, BostonTalks, focused on fitness. Hear experts talk about the latest trends. Always be part of the #BostonTalks happy hour conversation by tweeting with us! First up is a primer on new technology with Boston Magazine Health Editor Melissa Malamut, then fitness fashion with New Balance’s Senior Production Manager of Performance Apparel Jeff Garabedian, and finally the social side of working out with Commissioner of Social Boston Sports, Matt Rubin. (Photo:

+ BIO: Melissa Malamut

Melissa started as the associate digital/health editor at Boston Magazine in September 2012. But this is her second time around the office. She first started her magazine career here as a fact-checker in 2005. She also worked as a reporter/fact-checker at _ESPN The Magazine_ and her writing has appeared in _Marie Claire, Miami New Times_,, and more. Melissa is a Massachusetts native but spent half her life in South Florida. She loves all things Boston and the Florida Gators, and has an argument about how she can love both the Red Sox and the Marlins that will knock your socks off. Melissa is also certified to teach Pilates.

+ BIO: Jeff Garabedian

Jeff is a Senior Product Manager of Performance Apparel at New Balance, where he’s been for 6 years. Prior to that, Jeff was a Buyer Filene’s Dept Stores, Macy’s, Modell’s Sporting Goods, and TJX. Jeff is a multi-sport athlete and still actively plays soccer in a Boston based league, has completed multiple Tough Mudders, and has a regular workout engaging in a variety of different workout methods and techniques.

+ BIO: Matt Rubin

An expert on all things sports, Matt uses his knowledge and passion to head SBS’s sports department. Matt fell in love with sports through the purity of competition at an early age. Through experience from a local sports academy, Matt excels at managing the resources and logistics of league operations. Utilizing his degree from Clark University, Matt’s goal is to grow and improve the SBS sports program, as well as enhance the overall SBS Experience. Connect with Matt Rubin on Twitter @SBSCommish

+ BIO: Edgar B. Herwick, III

Edgar Herwick is the guy behind WGBH’s Curiosity Desk, where the quest is to dig a little deeper into (and sometimes look a little askew at) topics in the news, and search for answers to questions posed by the world around us. His features can be seen on WGBH’s Greater Boston and heard on 89.7 WGBH’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. He also appears regularly with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio. Follow him on Twitter @ebherwick3.

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