Evolution of the Cosmos

TUE, DEC 9, 2014 (1:02:23)

Eric Chaisson is especially well known for his multidisciplinary approach to the evolution of the cosmos: from sub-atomic particles at the very beginning, to the emergence of galaxies (still difficult to explain), to stars, planets, and life. Each stage represents greater complexity, yet there is an underlying order. Dr. Chaisson is the author of the most widely used astronomy textbook, plus several books for the general reader. His lecture series at the Museum of Science some years back was also very popular.

+ BIO: Eric Chaisson

Chaisson’s major interests are currently twofold: his scientific research addresses an interdisciplinary, thermodynamic study of physical, biological, and cultural phenomena, seeking to understand the origin and evolution of galaxies, stars, planets, life, and society, thus devising a unifying cosmic-evolutionary worldview of the Universe and our sense of place within it writ large. His educational work engages experienced teachers and computer animators to create better methods, technological aids, and novel curricula to enthuse teachers and instruct students in all aspects of natural science.

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