European Muslim Identity in the New Millennium

TUE, APR 4, 2006 (1:58:07)

Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, addresses some of the issues and challenges resulting from the presence of several million Muslims in Europe. He shares some of his thoughts on the integration of the large European Muslim minorities into the social, political and cultural structures of Europe and addresses the question of how Muslims can help build multi-faith, pluralistic European nation states that are more tolerant of and open to ‘the other’. Sponsored by the MIT Muslim Students’ Association with support from the Technology and Culture Forum, the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Center for International Studies.

+ BIO: Mustafa Ceric

Dr. Mustafa Ceric is the Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is serving his second 7-year term until 2013. He is fluent in Bosnian, English and Arabic, and cites a “passive knowledge” of Turkish, German and French.

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