Talia Buford: Environmental Inequity in 2018

TUE, APR 3, 2018 (54:34)

Talia Buford, reporter for ProPublica, discusses environmental justice, the complexities of covering the environment, how environmental policy is changing in the Trump administration, and more during a visit to the Shorenstein Center.

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+ BIO: Talia Buford

Talia Buford covers disparities in environmental impacts for ProPublica. Previously, she was an environment and labor reporter at The Center for Public Integrity, where her work focused mostly on wage theft and the Environmental Protection Agency’s lackluster enforcement of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. She also covered energy for POLITICO Pro, and started her career covering municipal and legal affairs at The Providence (R.I.) Journal. She earned a master’s degree in the study of law from Georgetown University Law Center and a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Hampton University.

+ BIO: Nicco Mele

Nicco Mele is the director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. He took over leadership of the center in 2016 after serving as senior vice president and deputy publisher of the _Los Angeles Times_.

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