Embedded in Iraq: The Objectivity Question

THU, OCT 9, 2003

Brian MacQuarrie of The Boston Globe takes a look back at his time in Iraq, and forward to the future of war journalism. MacQuarrie traveled to Iraq in March of 2003 to cover the war as an embedded reporter with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Field Artillery Battalion. Part of a Pentagon experiment to give journalists greater access to soldiers and commanders in the heat of battle, embedments like this one provided unparalleled inside views of combat that generated fascinating news stories here at home. Even so, questions linger about the success of this new-styled journalism and how it will affect the coverage of future conflicts. Is it possible for reporters to so literally enter a story and still maintain their objectivity?

+ BIO: Brian MacQuarrie

MacQuarrie is a general assignment reporter for the Boston Globe “City & Region” section. In 1999, MacQuarrie won a prize for Writing and Reporting from the National Headliner Awards. In addition, he was an embedded reporter during the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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