An Eclipse for Everyone

TUE, AUG 15, 2017 (00:00)

On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans will witness the first total solar eclipse to cross the continental United States in 99 years. As in all total solar eclipses, the Moon will block the Sun, revealing the Sun’s outer atmosphere in an incredible spectacle. Listen to a conversation with Sky and Telescope’s Janine Myszka as we learn what we’ll be able to see in the Boston area, why the total eclipse is happening now, and how to safely view the eclipse. Photo Credit: dalianjsw/Pixabay

+ BIO: Janine Myszka

Janine Myszka recently joined the team at Sky & Telescope as their Digital Content Strategist. She earned a B.S. in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Villanova University and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London. Before moving to Boston from Orlando, FL this spring, she blew things up on stage for a living, helped guests peer through telescopes, organized activities for the Venus transit and Planet Palooza, and created hands-on workshops for visitors to the Orlando Science Center.

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