Earthquakes and Tsunamis

TUE, APR 12, 2016 (44:39)

Dr. John Ebel explains the geological forces that cause earthquakes and the areas on the planet most vulnerable to tsunamis. We learn how seismologists track earthquake-prone areas of the planet and how they predict the possibility of tsunamis. Dr. Ebel has conducted extensive research on methods for earthquake hazard computation and earthquake forecasting. He has been a consultant on seismic hazard and nuclear test ban treaty monitoring issues for government agencies, including Argonne National Laboratory, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. And he has been a consultant on seismic hazard for over 20 major engineering projects in the US and other countries.

+ BIO: John Ebel

Dr. John Ebel is an Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor at Boston College. His primary interests lie in the field of seismology.

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