Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak: Saved by Her Enemy

THU, MAR 4, 2010 (54:27)

Emmy Award-winning CBS News Correspondent Don Teague and his Iraqi-born translator Rafraf Barrak discuss their book, Saved by Her Enemy: An Iraqi Woman’s Journey from the Heart of War to the Heartland of America. The two met early in the Iraq War and were nearly killed by a terrorist bomb. Their friendship transcended cultural and religious differences but ultimately forced her to leave her family and seek protection in America. Her story about finding her place in American society is mesmerizing.

+ BIO: Don Teague

Don Teague is an Emmy Award winning journalist and author. He is currently a correspondent for CBS News, appearing regularly on The CBS Evening News, The Early Show, and Sunday Morning. Don worked as an NBC News correspondent from 2002 until 2009. While working for NBC News, he covered stories as varied as the war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, and the seizure of children from a polygamist ranch in Texas.

+ BIO: Rafraf Barrak

Rafraf Barrak was born into a Shiite Muslim family in Baghdad, Iraq. As a student at Baghdad University, she had pursued a degree in English Literature until the University was closed due to war. Her knowledge of the city of Baghdad and her skills in English won her a job as a translator for NBC war correspondents. She is now a student in the United States and lives with the Teague family in Texas.

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