Growth and Equity for Seattle

TUE, NOV 15, 2016 (31:27)

Hyeok Kim, Deputy Mayor of the City of Seattle, was the keynote speaker at the 2016 Design for Equity curriculum in Boston. She outlines her city’s data analysis and strategy for equitable growth through 2035. (Photo by Flickr user: Anne Hornyak Chicago, Illinois via Wikimedia Commons

+ BIO: Hyeok Kim

Hyeok Kim is the Deputy Mayor for the City of Seattle. Her office focuses on external and community relations. Kim was appointed to this position by Mayor Ed Murray in January, 2014, becoming the first Asian American woman to hold such a position in Seattle’s history. Kim is responsible for helping to develop and promote meaningful connections and relationships between the Mayor’s office and city government with the diverse neighborhoods and communities of Seattle, and with state, federal and international partners. Before joining the Murray Administration, Kim was director of the Interim Community Development Association, worked on policy for Speaker of the House Frank Chopp in the Washington State legislature, and served on Barack Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Boston Society of Architects/AIA and the BSA Foundation
Design for Equity in Boston