Design for Equity: Welcome

TUE, NOV 15, 2016 (00:00)

Three women leading the charge in rethinking resilience, urban design and city planning set the tone for a day-long discussion about how the city of Boston can make a concerted effort to better understand and address the effects and implications of racism, past and present. Supported by the work of the 100 Resilient Cities Initiative, Boston’s Office of Resilience and Racial Equity has identified racial inequity as the leading issue impacting the resilience of Boston. The day of symposiums was intended to confront the explicit and implied racial inequities embedded in our policies, procedures and methodologies, beginning by interrogating our own assumptions as citizens and professionals and asking ourselves how, why, and for whom our cities and our practices provide opportunity.

+ BIO: Katherine Swenson

Katie Swenson is a national leader in sustainable design for low-income communities. Katie oversees National Design Initiatives for Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., directing the Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute and the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship, which cultivates a new generation of community architects through hands-on,high-impact projects in local communities across the country. The 50+ program fellows remain leaders in community design, spearheading a national movement of architects dedicated to community development and social activism.

+ BIO: Atyia Martin

Dr. Atyia Martin was appointed by Mayor Martin J. Walsh as the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Boston as part of the 100 Resilient Cities pioneered by the Rockefeller foundation. She is adjunct faculty at Northeastern University in the Master of Homeland Security program. She is the former Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness at the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). She has a variety of experiences working in emergency management, intelligence, and homeland security.

+ BIO: Tamara Roy

Tamara Roy is an architect and urban designer specializing in residential, academic, and mixed use master planning projects. Voted one of Boston’s Top 50 Power Women in Real Estate, she was the design team leader for the new residence tower at MassArt, described as ‘the most interesting high rise in years’ by _The Boston Globe._

Boston Society of Architects/AIA and the BSA Foundation
Design for Equity in Boston