Deep Sea Volcanoes

MON, MAY 2, 2016 (17:31)

Scientists are now able to study in detail the dynamic volcanic activity of the deep ocean ridges. This is a description of what scientists are learning and how this activity affects the planet.

+ BIO: Daniel Fornari

Dr. Fornari was the first Chief Scientist of Deep Submergence at WHOI. He is a past Director of WHOI’s Deep Ocean Exploration Institute (DOEI), and was a Chair of the Ridge 2000 Program, a NSF-funded national program studying mid-ocean ridges. Dr. Fornari is the author or co-author of over 100 research publications and has participated in over 100 research cruises and as many dives in deep-sea submersibles. His research focuses on volcanic and hydrothermal processes along the global mid-ocean ridge, using a variety of surface and deep-towed sonar systems, submersibles, ROVs, and AUVs. Dr. Fornari received the 2014 American Geophysical Union’s Flinn Award.

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