Decolonizing Environmental Thought

MON, NOV 15, 2021 (58:01)

Committed environmentalist Fred Tutman brings his front line experience on conservation issues to this discussion of the existential threats to our planet from multiple sources. As more people join movements aimed at greening the planet, what notions must they learn to discard about the environment that are founded upon capitalism, racism and classism? This will be a frank talk with case studies showing us how to build truly equitable, compelling and inclusive conservation movements by first unpacking and ground-truthing the inherent values behind the slogans, fundraising appeals and strategic aims of “insider” Green movements.

(Photos: Fred Tutman)

This talk is part of the Life Saves the Planet lecture series. More info:


The Powell Memorandum: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations

Pollution Trading/ Bad Credit: Food and Water Watch (pdf)

Chesapeake Bay Blues (book) Chesapeake Bay Blues: Science, Politics, and the Struggle to Save the Bay (

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded (book, Duke University Press)

Environmental Grant makers Association

Taking Off the Blinders: Why Green is not the new Black or Brown ( pdf)

17 Environmental Justice Principles ( pdf)

Environmental Justice Disparities in Maryland’s Watershed Restoration Programs (Academic Paper) by Matthew A. Dernoga, Dr., Sacoby Wilson, Chengsheng Jiang, Frederick Tutman - ScienceDirect

+ BIO: Fred Tutman

Fred Tutman is a committed environmentalist with many front line experiences dealing with topical conservation issues. His professional life spans a variety of career evolutions, rich with unusual experiences and insights. As a former journalist he has traveled extensively, often as a witness to newsworthy and notable events. As an outdoor adventurer and Patuxent Riverkeeper, Fred has a true passion for taking roads less traveled, and protecting those roads for generations to come.

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