Debbie Unterman: Talking To My Selves

SUN, MAY 2, 2010

Debbie is the author of Talking To My Selves and teaches how to love the voice in your head. She guides one through an inner process that leads to a new understanding of one’s true self and life’s purpose; where one can find intuition, joy, confidence, creativity, power and achieve healthy boundaries, intimacy, authenticity, and loving relationships.

+ BIO: Debbie Unterman

Debbie Unterman describes herself as “a private eye for the soul” -helping people find themselves and restore lost dreams. She is known for her work with survivors of childhood abuse or neglect, her innovative cure for co-dependency, and her style in dealing with sub-personalities, all of which she has written a self-help book about, called Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head.

Theosophical Society in Atlanta
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