Debating Civil Liberties Post 9/11

TUE, FEB 12, 2002 (1:27:06)

The two basic poles of thought within the civil liberties community regarding US government’s response to the large-scale arrival of terrorism on our shores are represented by Alan Dershowitz, who says that some compromises can and should be made, and Harvey Silverglate, who believes that the Bill of Rights is a timeless document, suitable for all seasons. Listen to a complementary interview with Alan Dershowitz on, a podcast and public radio interview program on authors, academics and intellectuals.

+ BIO: Alan Dershowitz

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz is Brooklyn native. He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Dershowitz, a graduate of Brooklyn College and Yale Law School, joined the Harvard Law School faculty at age 25 after clerking for Judge David Bazelon and Justice Arthur Goldberg. He has also published more than 100 articles in magazines and journals such as The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post. The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Nation, Commentary, Saturday Review, The Harvard Law Review and the Yale Law Journal, and more than 300 of his articles have appeared in syndication in 50 national daily newspapers.

+ BIO: Harvey A. Silverglate

Harvey A. Silverglate is an attorney practicing in Cambridge, MA. He holds degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Along with Alan Kors he co-founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and is a board member of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. He has taught at Harvard Law School, Cambridge Rindge and Latin, and in the University of Massachusetts College III program. In addition to his law practice and his teaching, he is also a regular columnist for The Boston Phoenix on matters relating to political, legal issues and civil liberties.

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