A Deaf Artist in Early America: The World of John Brewster, Jr.

THU, SEP 17, 2015 (56:34)

John Brewster Jr. (1766-1854) was a prolific, deaf itinerant painter, who produced many portraits of New England families, especially their children. Learn more about this fascinating portrait and its artist.

+ BIO: Paul D'Ambrosio

Paul D’Ambrosio has devoted many years to the The Farmers’ Museum, The New York State Historical Association and its Fenimore Art Museum. He has served as Vice President and Chief Curator, and has been responsible for organizing and traveling exhibits, acquisitions, publications, research, academic study and the care of objects. Dr. D’Ambrosio took the lead role in the adoption of the many new forms of social media at the Museums, thereby making their collections and programs open and accessible. A nationally recognized expert of American Folk Art, Dr. D’Ambrosio is the author of _Ralph Fasanella’s America_, numerous exhibition catalogs and articles, and co-author of Folk Art’s Many Faces. He holds a B.A. from SUNY Cortland, an M.A. from SUNY Oneonta’s Cooperstown Graduate Program and a Ph.D. from Boston University.

+ BIO: Donald Gibbons

Donald Gibbons interprets spoken word into American Sign Language.

Worcester Art Museum