The Curious Person's Guide to Earth Repair: Regenerating Soil and Water Landscapes

THU, DEC 12, 2019 (1:07:42)

Over the past year, the public has grown increasingly aware of the ways we have inadvertently harmed the biodiversity and ecosystems upon which life depends. The United Nations having declared 2021-2030 the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration presents the opportunity for a global focus on regenerating natural systems.

Journalist and author Judith D. Schwartz has travelled widely to find people who are successfully restoring healthy soil and water ecosystems. She talks with Cambridge, MA activist Nicola Williams about her research as well as a forthcoming book about the global ecosystem restoration movement.

Photo: “Red pouch fungus” Tony Wills [CC BY 2.5 ]

+ BIO: Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams founded The Williams Agency in 1995. Nicola, with over 20 years of industry experience and international respect, is recognized for superior problem-solving, project management, relationship building, and strategic planning skills. She has a strong marketing background in marketing management, market research, brand development, advertising, public relations, sponsorship development, and event promotions. She is passionate about making a difference and is constantly sought after for public engagements. Williams was the producer and one of the founding organizers of the Boston Local Food Festival, Boston’s premier food event and top 10 food events in the City. She is the brainchild of Boston JerkFest and Vermont JerkFest, Caribbean-style foodie events that launched in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

+ BIO: Judith D. Schwartz

Judith D. Schwartz is a freelance writer and generalist, taking on topics from honesty and deception in marriage to advertising and political change in South Africa. In 2010 she heard a statement that sent her on a whole new trajectory: Over time, more CO2 has gone into the atmosphere from the soil compared to the burning of fossil fuels.

This launched Schwartz on a quest that led to two books. “Cows Save the Planet and Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth” looks at soil as a hub for our many environmental, economic and social challenges—and for solutions. “Water In Plain Sight” came next, as Schwartz became part of a broader movement on promoting ecological restoration to address environmental problems, including climate change.

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