Creating a Climate-resilient Waterfront

WED, MAY 30, 2018 (50:51)

Join Boston Harbor Now and public, private, and nonprofit partners for a symposium on how to realize our greatest opportunities for great waterfront public spaces, successful water transportation, a strong working port, and long-term climate resilience. Learn about climate-aware city planning and development from three experts in the field in a moderated panel discussion. Photo: Flickr|Katie Haugland Bowen

+ BIO: Katie Choe

Katie Choe is the chief engineer and director of construction management for the Boston Public Works Department. She oversees roadways, sidewalks, construction projects and coordination, and infrastructure asset management. She also served as a delegate to the first Green Infrastructure Summit and received the 2015 Rita Barron Public Official Award. Photo: Katie Choe on LinkedIn

+ BIO: Carly Foster

Carly Foster is the principal planner for resilience, cost benefit analysis, and implementation for Arcadis’ US water management division. She is also a member of the Arcadis team participating in the Rockefeller Foundation Resilient Cities 100 initiative. Photo: Carly Foster on LinkedIn

+ BIO: Paul Kirshen

Paul Kirshen has been conducting research on climate change since 1988. An internationally recognized expert in integrated water resources management, he has developed detailed models mapping the impact of sea level rise on coastal communities in New England, Florida, and California. Dr. Kirshen taught at Tufts University, prior to joining Battelle, an independent non-profit research and development organization. At Battelle, he leads an initiative to develop a climate change adaptation practice that will address the multidimensional impacts of climate change.

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