Creating and Maintaining Open Spaces

WED, MAY 30, 2018 (53:39)

Join Boston Harbor Now and public, private, and nonprofit partners for a symposium on how to realize our greatest opportunities for great waterfront public spaces, successful water transportation, a strong working port, and long-term climate resilience. Learn about creating and maintaining open spaces in this moderated panel discussion.

+ BIO: Nick Black

Nick Black is the managing director of Boston Waterfront Initiative and of the Trustees of the Reservations. He focuses on land conservation and public-private partnership. Nick previously worked for Hillary for America and was a special assistant and operations director for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Photo: Nick Black on Twitter

+ BIO: Priscilla Geigis

Priscilla Geigis is the deputy commissioner for conservation and resource stewardship at the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. She also served as president of the National Association of State Park Directors, was was award NASPD’s Distinguished Service Award.

+ BIO: Chris Reed

Chris Reed is the founding director of Stoss and Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is also the co-editor of _Projective Ecologies_ and a member of Van Alen Institute’s Climate Council. Photo: Chris Reed on Twitter

+ BIO: María Belén Power

María Belén Power is an associate executive director at GreenRoots, where she oversees environmental justice campaigns and works with the ECO youth crew. She represents GreenRoots in the Green Justice Coalition of the Great Boston Area. Photo: María Belén Power on LinkedIn

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