Conversation with World War II PT Boat Veterans

MON, JUN 27, 2005 (1:19:03)

Dick Keresey, Paul “Red” Fay, and Bill “Bitter” Battle share their stories of serving on PT Boats in the Solomon Islands at the same time as John F. Kennedy during World War II. The torpedo craft (PT) USS PT 109, which was commanded by Lieutenant, Junior Grade, John Kennedy, was struck by the Japanese warship Amagiri in August of 1943, and sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off the Solomon Islands. This forum is the fourth in a series honoring America’s Veterans as our nation celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II. In conjunction with this forum series, the Museum at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is featuring an exhibit, “JFK in World War II”, which focuses on John F. Kennedy’s military service in the US Navy in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, including his service on PT 109.

John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
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