Connecting Across the Gap

THU, AUG 25, 2022

The generation gap is an age-old dilemma. In recent years, it has been exacerbated by the rapid pace of technological change, by the epochal challenges that face our world, by the political, economic, and social upheavals of the 21st Century.

How can we learn to speak across generational divides? How can we be seen and heard as we hope to be understood? How do we create trust and genuine bonds? How do we honor the experiences, creativity, and wisdom of one another?

We invited a number of EP community members to reflect on the intergenerational challenges they face in their families, at their workplaces, on campuses, and in their faith communities. Then, a multi-generational panel of expert EP practitioners will offer insights, tips, and frameworks for improving the way we communicate—old, young, and everything in between.

Featured Speakers

  • Patrick J. Couillard Hale, Bentley University, Director of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Brendan Kealey, Newburyport High School, EP Youth Facilitator

  • Sierra Leahy, Newburyport High School, EP Youth Facilitator

  • Ryan Nave, Reckon, Editor-in-Chief

  • Matt Perusse, ZOLL Medical Corporation, Talent Development Manager

  • Barbara Simonetti, Meetings That Matter, President & Conversation Architect

  • Nehemiah Strawberry, Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, EP Youth Facilitator

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