Clearing Our Path: The Journey to Deeper Understanding

SUN, AUG 2, 2009 (57:18)

Dr. Lois Grant discusses the many things people run across along the journey to deeper understanding. She offers some practical advice and methodology using theosophical precepts to help remove obstacles created by the lower ego. Grant is a healing practitioner, holistic counselor, author and president of Angelic Beings of Light Enterprises, Inc., based in Atlanta.

+ BIO: Lois Grant

Lois Grant grew up in the forties and fifties and led a “normal” life for a Midwestern girl. She was led to explore astrology first, then moved to other spiritual interests with the primary goal of healing her arthritis. The story of her personal growth and spiritual as well as physical healing are the subjects of her book, Spirit at Work, A Journey of Healing. She demonstrates that there are alternative healing modalities which can bring about desired results without the side effects of traditional Western medicine. She feels strongly that healing takes place from the inside out.

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