Children’s Mental Health: How Science Informs Policy

MON, SEP 21, 2020 (1:02:25)

For parents, few things are as important as their children’s well-being, physically and mentally. The mental health of children has always been an important topic for scientists and policy makers as well. And over the last several months, the COVID pandemic has magnified issues around mental health, bringing them to the forefront of the public’s thinking.

The Museum of Science and GBH have convened a panel of experts to discuss the relationship between scientists, doctors, and policy makers as they work together to help create policy that will improve the mental health of children while also dispelling any stigma associated with these issues.

Featuring Marjorie Decker, Massachusetts Representative (D-Cambridge); Mathieu Bermingham, MD, Metro West Center for Well Being, and Medical Director of Children Services of Roxbury; and Dr. Philip Wang, MD, D.Ph., Chief of Psychiatry, Cambridge Health Alliance.

+ BIO: Philip Wang

Dr. Philip Wang is the Chief of Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, where he oversees clinical practices, training and research. He has also served as director of research of the American Psychiatric Association, and as deputy director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

+ BIO: Mathieu Bermingham

Dr. Mathieu Bermingham is the Medical Director of Children Services of Roxbury and a consultant to the Department of the Mental Health in early childhood mental health. He also established the Metro West Center for Well Being in Millis, MA.

+ BIO: Marjorie Decker

Marjorie Decker has represented parts of Cambridge in the Massachusetts State Legislature since 2013 and in 2019 she became chair of the Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Recovery Joint Committee.

Museum of Science, Boston