Candace Bushnell: One Fifth Avenue

MON, OCT 6, 2008 (48:20)

Candace Bushnell, The New York Times author of Lipstick Jungle and Sex and the City, examines the lives of the tough and tender women who call the tony building at one Fifth Avenue home. One Fifth Avenue is a modern-day story of old and new money, and the thirst for power and social prominence that goes with it.

+ BIO: Candace Bushnell

Candace Bushnell is a writer based in New York City. She is best known for writing a column that became the basis of the hit TV-series, Sex and the City. Bushnell was born in the New England town of Glastonbury, Connecticut. However, at the age of 19 she shunned the idea of a more parochial life for the bright lights of New York in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional writer. Whilst enrolled at New York University, and juggling waitressing jobs, she wrote a children’s book for publishers Simon and Schuster and received her first big paycheck of $1000. Candace is now currently working on three more novels, including a young-adult book about Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage years in the city. She continues to capture the spirit of the place she has made her home with the flair and drive of a true New Yorker.

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