Byron Kim's Paintings: On the Relationship of Big and Small

THU, APR 19, 2018 (1:03:31)

Contemporary artist Byron Kim speaks about his captivating life and work, including his unique spin on portraiture. The Worcester Art Museum’s Master Series gives a close up look at one or two works by six signature artists. Exhibited in select galleries throughout the Museum, these intimate displays allow for contemplation and study of some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Image: Whitney Museum of American Art

+ BIO:

Best known for Synecdoche (1991), a grid of hundreds of monochrome “self-portraits”—the colors corresponding to their sitters’ skin tone—Byron Kim explored identity politics with his early abstract paintings. More recent works have included untitled paintings of cloudy night skies that Kim paints from memory, their subtle variations of purple and gray only visible with close inspection. Speaking of the figurative aspect of works that largely appear abstract, Kim has said, “I love a good abstract painting, but I’m often not interested in what people talk about when they talk about abstraction, so I prefer to apply my own content.” Image: National Gallery of Art

Worcester Art Museum