BostonTalks: Virtual Creativity

WED, JUL 22, 2020 (48:10)

How are artists pivoting in a world where performances and exhibits are happening online? The Curiosity Desk’s Edgar B. Herwick III speaks with visual artist Chanel Thervil and comedian Bethany Van Delft about the challenges and creative solutions they face in the current virtual-only environment.

Image credit: Pexels

+ BIO: Bethany Van Delft

Bethany Van Delft is an award-winning comedian. She was recently named Boston Magazine’s “Best Comic.” Her comedy album I’m Not a Llama spent time at #2 on the iTunes charts. She is a passionate advocate for her daughter who was born with Down syndrome.

+ BIO: Chanel Thervil

Chanel Thervil is an empowering visual artist whose work inspires tenderness and healing in communities of color. You may have seen her work in public displays around Boston in collaboration with the Urbano Project, Boston’s Children’s Museum, DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum and the Boston Center for the Arts.

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