BostonTalks: The Art of Murals, Music, and Magic

THU, APR 19, 2018 (50:35)

Three talented guests participate in this BostonTalks to share what they know about the impact of murals, the importance of music and how even the Patriots can believe in magic!

+ BIO: Edgar B. Herwick, III

Edgar Herwick is the guy behind WGBH’s Curiosity Desk, where the quest is to dig a little deeper into (and sometimes look a little askew at) topics in the news, and search for answers to questions posed by the world around us. His features can be seen on WGBH’s Greater Boston and heard on 89.7 WGBH’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. He also appears regularly with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio. Follow him on Twitter @ebherwick3.

+ BIO: John Logan

By the age of 24, John Logan hosted his own show on, published two books, was on America’s Got Talent, presented at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, and gave a Ted Talk in New York in February. Featured on NBC, ESPN, the NFL Network, and the Associated Press, John currently travels and presents keynotes on creativity & intrinsic motivation for leadership conferences based off his five years of research travels throughout the United States.

+ BIO: Catherine T. Morris

With over 15+ years of special event planning and community engagement, Boston native, Catherine T. Morris, has decided to combine both of her passions to start Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest. This is a nonprofit organization that strives to breakdown racial and social barriers to arts, music and culture for marginalized communities of color across Greater Boston. Since 2015, the organization has produced and curated a traveling live arts and music series called “The Prelude.” This program entertains and helps audiences of color experience the arts in underutilized spaces across local neighborhoods. As a result, the organization has presented over 100+ local and independent musicians and artists, curated in (10) local venues and has attracted over 2,700+ attendees. It is Catherine’s hope that BAMS Fest becomes a pipeline to Boston’s arts and culture ecosystems in a way that revitalizes the streets of where we live, and can positively impact the livelihoods of our youth, families, and future generations.

+ BIO: Cedric Douglas

Cedric “Vise1” Douglas is a local Street Artist who has created work in the community for more than 20 years. Douglas is also founder of The UP Truck, a mobile creative arts lab to inspire people to be and think creatively. His Street Art which he calls Socialrealism captures a world of creativity, wonder and thought portraiture often animals, humans, and children.

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