BostonTalks: What If?

THU, APR 20, 2017 (49:54)

What if there is life in space? What if technology is having a negative impact our lives? What if the concept of junk food didn’t exist?  WGBH News reporter Craig LeMoult (@clemoult) hosts a night of exploration into some big questions. Mo Lotman(@thetechnoskep), author and The Technoskeptic magazine publisher, takes a critical look at our relationship with technology and asks what would happen if we rethought this bond. Chew founder & CEO Adam Melonas (@adamchef) challenges our perceptions of health and junk food. What if we purchased food based on flavor and format instead of degrees of harm inflicted? MIT astronomer and Exoplaneteer Jenn Burt (@astrojennb) explains her work searching for planets and life in space. You can always add your comments to this talk on Twitter with #BostonTalks.

+ BIO: Craig LeMoult

Craig LeMoult produces sound­-rich features and breaking news coverage for WGBH News. He has won a number of awards for his reporting, including two 2015 national Edward R. Murrow Awards and a 2011 Sigma Delta Chi award from the national Society of Professional Journalists. He is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Tufts University. Follow Craig on Twitter: @clemoult

+ BIO: Mo Lotman

Mo Lotman is an author, public speaker, and the publisher of The Technoskeptic, a magazine and associated podcast taking a critical look at the impact of technology on society. His book Harvard Square: An Illustrated History Since 1950 was called “a priceless assemblage” by John Updike. He founded the Western-Massachusetts iteration of slide-show-talk event Nerd Nite, and hosted the Boston Sunday Brunch on classical station WCRB.

+ BIO: Jenn Burt

Jennifer is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, having recently completed a Ph.D. in astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz (go banana slugs!). Her research centers around the detection and characterization of exoplanets, or planets orbiting stars other than our own sun. She uses observations taken with ground-based telescopes in California and Chile to monitor the spectra of stars and search for telltale “wobbles” which indicate the presence of a planet(s). Follow Jenn at @astrojennb

+ BIO: Adam Melonas

Adam Melonas is the Founder & CEO of Chew, a food innovation lab that redefines what’s possible in the world of packaged food. Chew partners with companies all over the world to create game-changing products that are not only delicious, but also profitable, sustainable, scalable, and radically more delicious than anything else on the market. Adam is a veteran of the culinary world where he’s pushed the limits of experimental and progressive cuisine with restaurants in five countries. In 2013, Adam founded Chew with the belief that in order to create lasting change, industry must lead the way.  Four years later, the 30+ member Chew team has outgrown its original lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts and moved to the Fenway District of Boston in early 2017. Follow Adam at @adamchef

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