BostonTalks: Forcasting Food

THU, APR 18, 2019 (1:03:14)

Look ahead to the future of food through the eyes of local chefs and experts at this BostonTalks about forecasting food. BostonTalks is WGBH’s smarter happy hour. It’s smarter because we feature three short talks, and it’s happy hour because the entire event takes place in a setting with drinks, conversation and occasionally some trivia.

+ BIO: Greg Donoghue

Greg Donoghue is the Chief Operating Officer at Clover Food Lab. Clover Food Lab seeks to help meat lovers become vegetable lovers. They has built a passionate base of customers, 90% of whom are not vegetarian. Clover Food Lab was the first Boston-area restaurant to feature the Impossible Burger, and it even created the now-popular Impossible Meatballs. Image: Linkedin

+ BIO: Claire Cheney

Claire Cheney is a self-taught chef from the Boston area. After spending more than five years traveling the world looking for rare and delicious spices, she opened the Curio Spice Shop. Her goal is to bring sustainably sourced, rare and unknown spices to the people of Boston.

+ BIO: David Yusefzadeh

Formerly a fine-dining chef, David is the founder and CEO of Cloud Creamery. The goal of David and his artisanal edible company is to bring delicious alternatives to those on the East Coast who rely on opioids and steroids for medical conditions. Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2011, David knows firsthand the impact that medical marijuana can have on a person’s life. Image: LinkedIn

The Comfort of Good Food And Drink
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