Boston Sites and Insights: A Guide to Historical Landmarks

TUE, MAY 18, 2004 (55:16)

Susan Wilson’s monthly column on Boston history, “Sites and Insights,” first appeared in the Boston Globe in 1987. “The intent of the columns,” Wilson writes, “was to observe Boston’s rich past in a way that was both accessible to the general public and enlightening to serious students of history, and to encourage both Bostonians and Boston visitors to discover, or rediscover, the history around them.” Her columns, and her passion for local history and lore, resulted in the book Boston Sites & Insights: An Essential Guide to Historic Landmarks In and Around Boston. Now, ten years after its initial publication, Wilson offers a completely updated and revised edition of her insider’s guide to fifty historic Boston treasures. Boston Sites & Insights includes all “the essentials,” but, unlike other guidebooks, Wilson’s work digs deep into the history of the individual landmarks, from the Park Street Station, to the African Meeting House and the famously misunderstood Bunker Hill, to reveal the lesser-known stories and facts that make them unique and important pieces of Boston’s past. Susan Wilson is a photographer, writer, and educator who resides in Cambridge and has long held a special affection for Boston history. The recipient of a BA and MA in history from Tufts University, Susan taught history at both the secondary school and college levels before moving into a career in journalism. Her work has regularly appeared in the Boston Globe, and she has most recently been busy writing books on Boston history.

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