Bill Briggs: The Third Miracle

THU, FEB 3, 2011 (38:14)

Bill Briggs, a veteran journalist and writer for discusses his fascinating new book, ”The third Miracle: An Ordinary Man, a Medical Mystery, and a Trial of Faith.” Part detective story and part courtroom drama, the book exposes for the first time ”the secret rituals and investigations the Catholic Church today undertakes in order to determine sainthood.” Briggs gives us a rare insider’s look at one of the very foundations of the church and one of its most closely held secrets. It is a book that examines the clash between faith and science.

+ BIO: Bill Briggs

Bill Briggs writes for, covering business, travel, and health. He is the coauthor of Amped: A Soldier’s Race for Gold in the Shadow of War (Wiley, 2008). He earned seven national writing awards for the Denver Post, from investigative journalism to humor pieces. His articles ranged from an exposé on a sexual predator coaching youth basketball to a series of stories revealing dysfunction and financial irregularities within the U.S. Olympic Committee. Briggs also has written for the Financial Times, the Miami Herald, and the Nashville Banner, covering business, sports, health, travel, and crime. Briggs has one daughter, Andrea, a college student. He lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife, Nancy.

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