Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell

WED, JAN 17, 2007 (54:37)

Kurlansky, the prize-winning author of Nonviolence; Salt: A World History; and The Chosen Few: The Resurrection of European Jewry, discusses his latest book, Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell. The book is described as a ‘chatty, free-wheeling history of New York City told from the humble perspective of the once copious, eagerly consumed, now decimated eastern oyster.’

+ BIO: Mark Kurlansky

After receiving a BA in Theater from Butler University in 1970, and refusing to serve in the military, Kurlansky worked in New York. He was a playwright, having a number of off-off Broadway productions, and a playwright-in-residence at Brooklyn College. He won the 1972 Earplay award for best radio play of the year.

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