BostonTalks: The Bicycle Revolution

THU, MAY 14, 2015 (56:57)

Now bigger than ever in Boston — where the “Car is no longer the king” — bicycling is a hot topic in and outside the city. Be part of the #BostonTalks happy hour by tweeting with us! Cambridge Hubway and Transportation Program Manager Cara Seiderman will discuss the popularity of cycling and bike sharing — the new way to get around. Co-Founder and CEO, Slava Menn, as well as Co-Founder and CRO Tivan Amour, tell the story of how Fortified Bicycle got their start. The founder of the bike tourism company Bikabout, Megan Ramey, will share why she believes biking is the best way to see a city and help its economy. Join Cara, Slava, Tivan, and Megan for an in-depth look at the bicycle revolution. Stay in touch with WGBH to hear about upcoming Boston Talks. » Become a WGBH member. (Photo: Wikimedia)

+ BIO: Edgar B. Herwick, III

Edgar Herwick is the guy behind WGBH’s Curiosity Desk, where the quest is to dig a little deeper into (and sometimes look a little askew at) topics in the news, and search for answers to questions posed by the world around us. His features can be seen on WGBH’s Greater Boston and heard on 89.7 WGBH’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. He also appears regularly with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio. Follow him on Twitter @ebherwick3.

+ BIO: Megan Ramey

With unique interest in the intersection of tourism, well-being, local economies and biking, Megan Ramey founded in 2014. Bikabout inspires two-wheeled tourism in North America’s best biking cities with curated routes and city guides. Since moving to Boston in 2008, Ramey has seen, in real time, the amazing changes to our streets as a board member for LivableStreets Alliance and member of both the Boston Bikes Advisory Group and Cambridge Bike Committee. She received an MBA from University of Wisconsin and a degree in fashion from University of Georgia. Ramey loves playing in the water and snow, cooking at home, listening to new music and biking with her daughter. Their family blog is, where Gordo, their pug, explores the world by bike, train and bus. Follow Megan Ramey on twitter @bikabout

+ BIO: Slava Menn

Slava Menn believes that biking makes better cities with healthier citizens. As the CEO of Fortified Bicycle he’s empowering urban cyclists to ride safely with unstealable, invincible bicycle equipment. Prior to Fortified, Menn co-founded Socrative (acquired by MasteryConnect), an ed-tech startup whose software is used in millions of classrooms worldwide. Menn has spoken at WGBH’s Innovation Hub with Kara Miller and Christina Quinn. To hear the interview and read the article Click Here He holds a BSEE and MSEE from Boston University and a MBA from MIT Sloan and guest lectures at both on entrepreneurship. Menn’s articles have appeared in _Fast Company_, _The Boston Globe_,_ BikeRumor_. Follow Slava Menn on Twitter @slavamenn and @fortifiedbike

+ BIO: Cara Seiderman

Cara Seiderman is Transportation Program Manager for the City of Cambridge, overseeing the City’s bike share program (Hubway) and managing the Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Program. Ms. Seiderman has worked in an advisory capacity for several state and national design and technical guides, and frequently gives presentations and workshops on pedestrian and bicycle facility planning, traffic calming, and livable city design. She holds Masters Degrees in City and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelors Degree in environmental policy from Harvard University. Ms. Seiderman was a Fulbright Scholar at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

+ BIO: Tivan Amour

Tivan Amour is an avid city cyclist, serial entrepreneur, and delighter of customers. As co-founder and CRO of Fortified Bicycle, Amour oversees the global distribution of invincible urban bike gear. Amour studied consumer psychology at UPenn and paid his way through school as a top retail sales associate for AT&T Wireless. After college, he ran product development and manufacturing for a $40M retail fashion business. Amour’s entrepreneurial pursuits have taken him everywhere from Mexican shoe factories to German aircraft hangars, and so far he’s enjoyed the ride. Follow Tivan Amour on Twitter @fortifiedbike

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