Benjamin Franklin: Wordsmith, Printer

FRI, JAN 23, 2015 (39:12)

Historian of science and technology, Robert Martello will round out your knowledge of Boston native (and Old South Meeting House congregant) Benjamin Franklin in this lively, illustrated talk. Follow Franklin’s footsteps from the time he ran his brother’s press as a young apprentice, through the many life adventures that shaped his life as a wordsmith, statesman, and printer. Printing was a tricky business in the 18th century, and Franklin’s combination of business acumen and intellectual prowess contributed to his success and versatility in the trade. Learn how Franklin changed printing, and how printing changed Franklin.

+ BIO: Dr. Robert Martello

Dr. Robert Martello received his Ph.D. from MIT’s Program in the History and Social Study of Science and Technology, following his completion of a Master of Science degree in civil and environmental engineering and Bachelor of Science degree in earth, atmospheric, and planetary science from MIT. Prior to joining the Olin College faculty in 2001 during Olin’s “partner” year, Dr. Martello lectured in MIT’s history of technology program and served as the Producer for the “Digital History” component of Inventing America, an American history textbook. Dr. Martello’s Ph.D. dissertation and ensuing research use Paul Revere’s many manufacturing and entrepreneurial endeavors to tell the story of America’s transition from craft practices to industrial capitalism.

Old South Meeting House