Audio Literacy and Why We Need It

FRI, OCT 11, 2019 (00:51)

Despite the popularity of podcasts, the art of audio storytelling remains somewhat of a mystery to both listeners and critics alike. This can bring a magical gloss to the craft of production, but also erases the work of audio professionals. Longtime editor Julia Barton makes the case for why a shared “audio literacy” among producers and listeners is important, and shares a few tricks for listening more like an editor.


+ BIO: Julia Barton

Julia Barton is a longtime broadcast and podcast editor. She’s been the editor on Revisionist History from the show’s inception in 2016, and is also editor of Against the Rules with Michael Lewis, The Happiness Lab with Laurie Santos, and other forthcoming narrated shows from Pushkin Industries. She’s the co-host and reporter of Spacebridge, a four-episode series about Cold War citizen diplomacy, which appears on the Radiotopia Showcase feed. In addition, Barton reported and produced stories for Radiolab, 99% Invisible, PRI’s The World and Studio 360, and BBC Radio 4 (with Falling Tree Productions).

Harvard Divinity School
Sound Education Podcast Conference 2019