Brewer’s Roundtable: Behind The Beer

TUE, FEB 4, 2020 (1:37:53)

Head brewers from three Massachusetts beer makers — Idle Hand’s Craft Ales in Malden, Portico Brewing Company in Ipswich, and Exhibit A Brewing in Framingham — discuss all things beer and brewing.

Atwood’s Interview Series is hosted by Arjun Singh and spotlights a wide array of guests, including journalists, authors, local politicians, artists, musicians and specialists of all sorts.

+ BIO: Christopher Tkach

Christopher Tkach, Founder and Head Brewer, found a good use of his idle hands as soon as he turned 21. Born and raised in the land of “Live Free or Die”, he received his first beer-making kit as a present from his uncle. From that day forward, he became not only a fan of beer, but a student of the craft of beer making.

For over 15 years, Chris’ love and appreciation of beer inspired him to earn credentials as a Certified Beer Judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

Throughout his career, he has been active in local homebrew organizations including the Boston Wort Processors and has earned numerous awards at regional and national homebrew competitions.

+ BIO: Matthew Steinberg

Matthew Steinberg is the head brewer and a co-founder of Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company based in Framingham, MA. He previously worked as a brewer with other brewing companies including Blatant Brewery and High Horse.

+ BIO: Alex Rabe

Alex Rabe is the founder, brewer, and CMO for Portico Brewing Company based in Massachusetts. He previously worked at the marketing director for Pinck & Co., Inc. He earned an MBA from Babson’s School of Business.

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