Artist's Talk: Chris Jordan on "Running the Numbers"

FRI, APR 30, 2010 (1:14:57)

An Artist’s Talk with Chris Jordan about his Running the Numbers series. Sociologists tell us that the human mind cannot meaningfully grasp numbers higher than a few thousand. Yet, understanding the consequences of our choices requires us to comprehend the incremental effect of millions or billions of small acts. Photographer Chris Jordan’s large-format prints, assembled from thousands of smaller photographs, dramatically translate the raw language of statistics into powerful images of global mass culture that we can respond to emotionally.

+ BIO: Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan is an internationally acclaimed artist and cultural activist whose work explores the frightening waste of our mass culture. His compelling, intricately detailed photographs reveal the staggering weight of statistics, inviting the viewer to see every detail as a metaphor for the role of the individual in our hypermodern society. Jordan’s work is exhibited widely in the US and Europe, and has been featured in print, online, and in film and television all over the globe. He has exhibited and spoken about his work to more than fifty audiences in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Museum of Science, Boston