The Data of Artificial Intelligence

TUE, FEB 25, 2020 (1:06:34)

Data Scientist Michael Schmidt and DataRobot’s VP of Revenue Ben Solari talk with WGBH producer Arjun Singh about artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and how these emerging technologies shape the world around us.

Atwood’s Interview Series is hosted by Arjun Singh and spotlights a wide array of guests, including journalists, authors, local politicians, artists, musicians and specialists of all sorts.


+ BIO: Ben Solari

Ben Solari manages the global corporate sales teams at DataRobot with a focus on helping companies use accessible machine learning technology to solve practical business problems and improve their operations.

+ BIO: Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt’s research focuses on “Machine Science” - a direction in artificial intelligence research to accelerate data-driven discovery. Over the past 6 years, he has worked on algorithms and techniques to automate knowledge discovery from data.

Michael is the Cheif Data Scientist at DataRobot. He is the creator of the Eureqa project - a popular software program for discovering hidden mathematical relations in experimental data. His research has appeared in several news outlets from the New York Times, to NPR’s RadioLab, and Communications of the ACM. Currently, Michael runs Nutonian Inc. which specializes in scientific data mining and cloud computing for data analysis. In 2011, Michael was featured in the Forbes list of the “Most Powerful Data Scientists” by Tim O’Reilly.

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